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Name: Paul Lane

Email: taihojutsu@earko.com

Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 13 Feb 2006 13:59:16 GMT

Comment: Nice to see the web site up and running again, here's wishing you all a great 2006.North Birmingham Taiho-Jutsu

Name: Sandie Burton

Email: SanBrtn@aol.com

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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 17 Feb 2006 09:57:16 GMT

Comment: I have just checked out your web page and would like to say thankyou on behalf of Tom, Laura and myself for the dedication page.Tim devoted a lot of time and knowledge to Taiho Jutsu and it means a great deal to us to see that the club he loved so much is still going as strong as ever, run by the people he trained with and whom he thought so much of.

Name: Richard Rogers

Email: buckyrogers@sympatico.ca

Welcome Page:   

Country: CANADA  

IP Address:  Date: 17 Feb 2006 22:23:47 GMT

Comment: I am in charge of an overseas branch of Taiho Jutsu in Toronto Canada and was introduced to your club by the late Tim Burton it is nice to see the dedication page. We are honoured to be an affiliate member of your association and teach a mixture of Kempo Karate and Taiho Jutsu.

Name: Martin Reynolds

Email: m.reynolds123@ntl.com

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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 19 Feb 2006 21:14:42 GMT

Comment: Alex and Dave, can I formally on behalf of sensei Brian Eustace and Stratford club, thank you both for the time and effort put in to get the new website up and running, it looks great.see you in Ireland, regards Martin.

Name: Dean Munsey

       Email: DeanandKerry@thequadhouse.fsnet.co.uk

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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 26 Apr 2006 18:39:24 GMT

Comment: Alice and James say they can't wait to join...shame they are only 9 yrs old. Thanks to Alex for using the photos they took at Leicester. I think they were trying to get ones of daddy being being floored.....so glad they didn't turn out!!!Great site and wishing you all a great time in Ireland....you deserve it.

Name: Eamonn Owens

Email: amon_owens@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome Page:   
Country: IRELAND  IP Address:  Date: 1 May 2006 19:34:00 GMT

Comment: Nice to see web site up and running

Name: Alex Hathaway

Email: k900r@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome Page:  http://taihojutsu.org.uk  
Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 2 May 2006 18:46:12 GMT

Comment: It's fantastic to see the site being so well received and for the positive comments here. Are there any suggestions from either Taiho Jutsu members or friends elsewhere for improvements? I'm proud that we are still so well supported and continue to have a great time both on and off the mat. Both Dave and I look forward to developing the site. 

Name: Carl W Crawley

                                Email: webmaster@iw-taihojutsu.com

Welcome Page:www.iw-taihojutsu.com  



IP Address: 

Date: 10 May 2006 21:15:16 GMT

Comment: Hi Guys,Really like the site - we've just launched our own website for Hampshire and Isle of Wight... I've included a link to your site out of courtesy, would love a reciprocal link if poss?Cheers all...

Name: Al Cunningham                                                    Email: taiho_jitsu@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:  http://www.taihojitsu.com  
Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 14 May 2006 17:08:19 GMT

Comment: This new web site of yours is very impressive. Al C.

Name: Emma McDonald Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 7 Jun 2006 20:00:17 GMT

Comment: Great site.Looking forward to the summer school at Twycross. Emma - North Birmingham Tahio Jutsu club

Name: Stephen Sweetlove Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 11 Jun 2006 11:49:47 GMT

Comment: Its good to see that the British Taiho Jutsu Association is still going strong. I love the web site and the photo's of Brian. Please keep up the good work and I wish you plenty of success.

Name: Stuart McDonald Email: stuart@adagemodels.net
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 27 Jun 2006 12:59:08 GMT

Comment: The Website looks really good. Looking forward to this weekends Summer school and meeting lots of new people.Stuart North Birmingham Club

Name: Ron Piche Email: ronjudoman@comcast.net
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 5 Aug 2006 15:17:01 GMT

Comment: Ron PicheBridgewater Police Sgt Retired Bgridgewater Ma USA. Glad to see your new web site is up and running looks good.Like to keep in touch with members of the BTJA to exchange techniques and training methods.

Name: Jackie Woodley Email: jackie.woodley@gmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 6 Aug 2006 23:26:39 GMT

Comment: I used to really enjoy going to the club in Rake, Hampshire, looking at the pictures reminded me how much i missed it, i am definately going to have to come back soon.

Name: Eamonn Owens Email: amon_owens@yahoo.co.uk
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 15 Aug 2006 12:08:44 GMT

Comment: Nice to hear from Steve, does he remember the Shotley competition.

Name: Matt Clempner Email: msclempner@homail.com
Welcome Page:  http://www.formauk.org  
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 21 Sep 2006 14:11:41 GMT

Comment: Hello to all my old friends.Good to see Taiho still going strong .

Name: Ian Stockwell Email: enquiries@ahk.org.uk
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 22 Apr 2007 20:25:06 GMT

Comment: Its good to see that Taiho-Jutsu is still being taught and has a good strong following. I trained with sensei for several years in Harrogate gaining my third dan, until the home office moved away from using Taiho-Jutsu. I wish yu all the very best and may visit one day.

Name: martin.reynolds Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 1 May 2007 22:41:56 GMT

Comment: On behalf of Brian Eustace Sensei and the members from the Stratford club who made the trip to Paris to meet and train with our french friends, we offer a sincere thanks to our secretary Dave McCluskey for all his hard work in organizing the trip and to Cyril Abadie from Leicester for his excellent skills as our interpreter, gentlemen we salute you.

Name: Ross Jackson Email: rossjackson01@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 4 May 2007 19:56:09 GMT

Comment: Trawling through the internet I came across this Taiho Jutsu site. I am most impressed with the input and hope that all in Taiho are enjoying their practice. Taiho is an excellent art. My regards to all who know me, especially sensei Brian Eustace who shaped my Taiho career and clubs. We owe so much to Brain and Taiho.Ross Jackson

Name: Stephen Sweetlove Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 11 May 2007 10:45:15 GMT

Comment: Hello again,I often visit this site as it bring back so many memories for me. Its good to see/hear from some of the names of the past. Matt Clempner, Ross Jackson and of course Eamonn Owens. Eamonn of course I remember the competition at Shotley - have you still got the team trophy? I owe a lot to Brian Eustace and I am hoping we will meet again soon. British Taiho Jutsu Association keep up the good work and keep the art alive.Stephen Sweetlove

Name: Eamonn Owens Email: amon_owens@yahoo.co.uk
Welcome Page:   
Country: IRELAND  IP Address:  Date: 15 May 2007 13:01:41 GMT

Comment: Thanks for a wonderful weekend in Paris.

Name: rich greenfield Email: ricardoslayer@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 28 Jun 2007 20:37:26 GMT

Comment: I would just like to say how much I enjoyed summer school at twycross last weekend. it was great to meet everyone there. everybody was reall helpful and helped me to gain my yellow belt. I lookforward to seeing you all again soon.

Name: Andy Mac Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 2 Aug 2007 16:16:53 GMT

Comment: Paul, I know my health has not always been at it's best over the last two years, However the way you have held Birmingham's club to a high standard, owes full credit to you. well donein achieving your grade at summer school.

Name: Andy Mac Email: mccormacka@aol.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 3 Aug 2007 18:07:45 GMT

Comment: Like many others I often visit our web page and never leave comments. However on this occation I feel I would like to say this, Like some of the older and past members in the association, I personally would like to thank Brian and the association for what they have taught me. Without the knowledge that I have gained from him and others in the association, I have developed a successful carear based on this system. I owe a personal thanks to Brian. To those just learning keep up the hard work.

Name: Daniel Hect Email: daniel@policetaihojutsu.com
Welcome Page:  http://policetaihojutsu.com  
Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 19 Nov 2007 21:34:24 GMT

Comment: Good things are happing with the Masters Hall of Fame this year; in fact it looks like we are getting a corporate sponsor for 2008ís event. Last night NBC did a story on the Masters Hall of Fame, they plan on covering the 2008 event. See the story at http://www.knbc.com/news/14637118/detail.html Please forward this story to your martial arts groups for circulation. For more information see www.mastershalloffame.com Keep safe, Dan

Name: Trish Baron Email: baront@netvision.net.il
Welcome Page:  http://www.judo-bujinkan.com  
Country: ISRAEL  IP Address:  Date: 23 Nov 2007 16:03:51 GMT

Comment: I discovered your gem of a site through Judoforum.com and I find the information, your knowledge and obvious enthusiasm fascinating. I teach judo kata regularly to my pupils and have over the past year been focussing on Goshin Jitsu Kata. I feel sure that Taiho Jutsu would shed further light on the subject and would like to see a video of Taiho Jutsu kata. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Keep up the excellent work and may your enthusiasm never waver!

Name: Tioli Paolo Email: okuden_taiho_ryu@yahoo.it
Welcome Page:   
Country: ITALY  IP Address:  Date: 27 Nov 2007 11:15:41 GMT

Comment: I am Prof. Tioli Paolo, and I have a smoll Organization in Italy: Okuden Taiho Ryu Ju Jutsu. I would like to became membership of your Organizzation end I.T.C.- I don't not know who I must contact. Please send me information for contact.

Name: Eamonn Owens Email: amon_owens@yahoo.co.uk
Welcome Page:   
Country: IRELAND  IP Address:  Date: 20 Dec 2007 21:01:46 GMT

Comment: To Brien and all our friends in UK and abroad season greetings and we hope 2008 will see more expansion of taiho Jutsu

Name: Paul Email: taihojutsu@earko.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: England IP Address:  Date: 26 May 2008 10:14:43 GMT

Comment: From everyone at Birmingham Taiho-Jutsu, Congratulations to Steve on grading to 2nd Dan at the Exeter Seminar. Well Done Mate! Bruises and all!

Name: ken keith - sensei Email: papak22@comcast.net
Welcome Page:  http://wwwmyspace.co,/takeroryu  
Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 5 Jun 2008 20:44:59 GMT

Comment: I had the great pleasure of seeing a taiho jutsu demonstration at the wakkanai police headquarters in 1955. I was so impressed that I began karate lessons myself (shito-ryu) Your web site is outstanding and was a pleasure to view. Continued sucess. ken keith chicago, illinois USA

Name: Ntim Ampadu Michael Email: ntimampadu@yahoo.com
Welcome Page:  http://www.mafghana.org  
Country: GHANA-WEST AFRICA  IP Address:  Date: 7 Sep 2008 12:51:35 GMT

Comment: I am so glad to find an organisation finally shedding light on this unique system of jujitsu. I`m glad to see the site.I study Taiho Jutsu under Kyoshi Hassan Dilaimi of Martial Arts Federation and I really like your syllabus. Keep up the good work.

Name: Rick Orlik Email: goldeagle235@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 11 Dec 2008 07:38:30 GMT

Comment: G'day to you all in UK especially S-on-A. I trained in Aiki with Sensei Brian Eustace back in the 70s. Brian,hope you are still going strong.Great to see a site dedicated to BTJA in honour of yourself.I also see Martin is still "at it" Best wishes to all students of BTJA With Highest Regard Rick (slight bow of respect)

Name: martin.reynolds Email: m.reynolds123@ntlworld.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: U.K  IP Address:  Date: 11 Feb 2009 19:55:50 GMT

Comment: Hello rick ,good to hear from you after all these years,both Sensei and all from Stratford wish you all the best in Australia.I have tried to explain to our younger members how it was back in the seventies but you had to be there to understand . respesct to you Sir, regards Martin.Reynolds

Name: Werner Koudela Email: wkou@tpg.com.au
Welcome Page:   
Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 13 Apr 2009 06:41:29 GMT

Comment: Hi All. Came across this site by accident. Great info. Have been involved in martial arts since the early 70's and am interested in the kata dvd that was discussed, if outsiders are allowed to purchase it, as I greatly interested in kata. All the best to the site owners and miriad practitioners and thank you for allowing me to post.

Name: Paul Cragg Email: paul.cragg86@googlemail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 11 May 2009 15:39:55 GMT

Comment: Hello, Would love to get involved in Taiho Jutsu again as i completed the instructor course back in 1995 just as things were changing. Having problems with dates and details of seminars and events as they are not updated on the site and i need time to arrange to be away. Apart from that, it is a good website and essential to keep the art going. Hope to train with you soon.

Name: Sandie Burton Email: sanbrtn@aol.com
Welcome Page:   
Country:   IP Address:  Date: 2 Jun 2009 11:00:51 GMT

Comment: Hi all, just a note to say i still keep an eye on you and i really missed not going to Ireland this year!!!. Hopefully will see you at summer school if thats ok? xx

Name: Graham Joyce Email: gajoyce@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 14 Jun 2009 16:56:25 GMT

Comment: Just had look in at the new site , very well presented and it has brought back a lot of very good memories, as did bumping into Andy Mac in my home town in Dorset. It brought a tear to my eye, reliving all the knocks and bruises over the years . I do hope all is well with the lot of who i trained with and Brian you don't look a day older , can i have some of what your useing. Take care all cheers

Name: Matt Clempner Email: msclempner@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 25 Jul 2009 13:13:40 GMT

Comment: Good to see Taiho Jutsu still going strong.

Name: Stephen Sweetlove Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 26 Sep 2009 11:05:27 GMT

Comment: Good to see all the past practioners still visiting the web site. Good to see Taiho Jutsu is still going strong. Keep up the good work. It is exactly 30 years since I first started Taiho Jutsu on my PTI course in June 1979.

Name: JAMIE HAMILL Email: jamiehamill1@yahoo.co.uk
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 2 Jul 2010 22:55:08 GMT

Comment: hi guys , just checking in, enjoy the seminar in exeter. if you can mail or post future dates we will see about getting a northern ireland team across for a rumble. regards to all of you. jamie

Name: Liam Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 30 Aug 2010 00:35:30 GMT

Comment: I am joining a club in september as my second martial art (judo is my first) and I am really looking forward to it, your website was really interestin as it showed me what I woul encounter when I start. I have sort of practiced it for a while now without joining a club as bothe my parents are in the police and used it regularly when they were PCs. Thanks for the insight your website has given me.

Name: mark egginton Email: egginton.mark@gmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN  Date: 23 Oct 2010 16:03:27 GMT

Comment: Gretings all. I had the honour of studying under Sensai Brian Eustage for four years between 1984 and 1988. I was a Police PTI from South Yorkshire and worked at Dishforth, Durham, Hutton Hall and Bruche Police training centres. I may have taught a few of you. I hope I helped mould you into good Police Officers. All the best Mark

Name: Jake Klaus Email: Renshijak@aol.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: CANADA  Date: 12 Apr 2011 16:14:17 GMT

Comment: I have been taeching and studing martial arts for 40 years (mostly Shotokan & Chito ryu karate)I just came across this website and wondered if anyone is teaching this in Canada? I live in Ontario, near Toronto.

Name: Dimitris Verikoukis Email: dverikoukis@gmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: GREECE  Date: 6 May 2011 15:34:36 GMT

Comment: Many greetings from Greece, very good work, very good site, i get impressed where is dedicate this site! I am a man of the law also and a martial arts man also! Keep on and never get tired!

Name: Ross Jackson Email: rossjackson01@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 9 Jun 2011 07:59:40 GMT

Comment: Hello to all, Matthew Clempner, Stephen Sweetlove, Any Mac. Good to see that you are all well. It's good to see Taiho going from strength to strength. By the way, my original syllabus is now a free ebook. Regards to you all. A special thank you to Brian.

Name: Ross Jackson Email: rossjackson01@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 9 Jun 2011 11:04:13 GMT

Comment: Further to my previous post. Members may purchase a hard copy of the book 'Taiho Jutsu - Beginner to Black belt' from Lulu for £5.50 http://www.lulu.com/browse/search.php?fListingClass=0&fSearch=ross+jackson

Name: Christine Baker Email: clbaker1969@gmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 3 Sep 2011 13:53:13 GMT

Comment: Found my seminar adn competition mementos from 2002 the other day and thought I'd see if you're online. Love the website and still miss Taiho in Leicester. Lovely page for Tim. I thought there was a club in Bedford and was hoping maybe to start again but it looks as though it's not there any more :-( Thank you for the times we had and the confidence that Taiho Jutsu gave me! Christine

Name: Matt Clempner Email: msclempner@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: UK  Date: 6 Jan 2012 12:01:31 GMT

Comment: Happy & Prosperous New Year to all at BTJA

Name: Andy McCormack Email: andy@northlakesjujutsu.co.uk
Welcome Page:  http://www.northlakesjujutsu.co.uk  
Country: UK  Date: 20 Feb 2012 12:32:40 GMT

Comment: Dear Sensei Eustace, it was a pleasure to meet you at the seminar this last weekend; thank you very much for your teaching. I look forward to our next meeting. Best Wishes Andy McCormack Motoha Yoshin Ryu British Sohonbu-cho

Name: Ross Jackson Email: rossjackson01@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 22 May 2012 19:24:40 GMT

Comment: Hello to all. Especially Brian. Hope you are well, and to Andy McCormack. Many thanks to all who have downloaded my free e-books. Taiho Jutsu - Beginner to Black belt, now at total of 4,066 downloads. No Man Has The Right, now at a total of 9,638 downloads. Regards to all. Ross

 Jeff O'Dowd
Email: Jeff@jodowd.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: MERSEYSIDE, UK  Date: 7 Jul 2012 08:59:55 GMT

Comment: Just to say hello to many of the people I know on this site. Good to see you still around Ross. Very sad news about Brian Eustace passing away on 3rd July. He was one of the good guys and will missed. Jeff O'Dowd

Name: Deepak Rathod Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 18 Jan 2013 01:32:13 GMT

Comment: Very good training in leicester. Excellent sensei Alex, learning and progressing at a good pace. Every moment is enjoyable. thank you

Name: micky morton Email: shogun34@btinternet.com
Welcome Page:   
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 14 Sep 2013 23:17:19 GMT

Comment: I am deeply sorry to hear that sensei Eustace has passed away he was a lovely person I met him in Sheffield back in 2007 giving a summer school class grading. with bob jones leeds central x it's a shock to me and within our aikido school to hear this x my love is with sir Eustace peace be with you brian you was a lovely man even if I only spoke to you briefly during my training xxxxxx god bless xxxx

Name: Anthony Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 21 Mar 2014 02:17:10 GMT

Comment: I found my old Taiho-Jutsu grading card (blue-Upper) and thought I'd check Google! Great to see that the Association is here and seemingly going strong. I will never forget the enduring agony of those week-long police instructor courses and the effort required to just get up from the mat and stand up (to be thrown down again!) RIP Brian.

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